Charity Ann Dyck

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in the Twin Cities, Charity grew up in love with the natural beauty surrounding her. Autumn quickly became her favorite time of year. With the beautiful fall colors and amazing scenery in Minnesota, she didn’t need to go far to find creative inspiration. As a child, she was always drawing or painting, occasionally on herself. In her early teenage years, makeup developed into a serious creative outlet for Charity. Maximizing any opportunity that would present itself in order to craft her skills. Whether it was a school dance or a family member, Charity was always looking for a guinea pig to utilize her talents. She soon became completely infatuated with makeup as an art, solidifying her decision to pursue it as a career.

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In 2009, Charity attended school at Faces ETC of Minnesota. This provided her with a professional structure for her career and hundreds of hours of training and experience for all mediums of makeup. After school, Charity worked for Sephora and trained with dozens of makeup and skincare brands, as well as various skin tones and conditions. She worked in education and training for brands and artistry at Riley Rose. Took modeling classes with John Casablanca’s Modeling Agency, giving her hands-on experience with print and working with industry professionals. Charity, currently, not only freelances for herself, but works as a business manager for the luxury line of Lancome.

Charity’s background in makeup is vast and is a direct reflection of her passion. She has experience in HDTV (Her work being featured on the Travel Channel with Adam Richman) and film, Halloween and special effects as well as runway and bridal makeup. As she has progressed in her professional career, she has really enjoyed her time spent doing bridal work. Having gotten married herself in 2013, she understands how important it is to feel as beautiful as you look on your special day. Being a part of those magical moments and having the privilege of sharing in those memories is truly a rewarding experience.

 “There is nothing that I love more than making a bride the most beautiful version of herself on one of the most memorable days of her life.” – Charity Dyck



Charity is a very motivated and enthusiastic individual that prides herself on creative perfection. She has an attention for detail that can’t be matched and is fortunate to have such an incredible talent that enables her to do what she truly loves. They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life; This is a true story for Charity. Her goal is to ensure her clients complete satisfaction and to provide an enjoyable and special experience for them.

 “This is what I love. Nothing else on this Earth could allow me to express my creativity more than working as a makeup artist.” – Charity Dyck